Eco-FriendlyMaintenance FreeARTIFICIAL TURF

Artificial Turf is becoming very popular across the country & is ideal for Residential & Commercial Applications.

What can Artificial Turf Do For Me? Artificial Turf will provide maintenance free Turf for more than 15 years. No Cutting, Fertilizing, Trimming, Maintenance costs or time.

Why the Difference in Cost? Artificial Turf is labor intensive to install and cost depends on all the factors used in the excavation & installation of material. Typically 3-4" of existing material must be replaced with 3-4" of material conductive to proper drainage.

6. Is it Cost-Effective? Yes, Projects $2,000 SF or less , and especially new construction or those planning a complete lawn renovation including new sod, Sprinkler system , and /or well. In these cases, the initial investment cost can be in paid back in approximately 6-9 years. Larger installations 2,000-3,000 SF would require a 9-12 year pay back time. Ideal for Townhomes, Playgrounds, Commercial properties, and those who just want the best Lawn.

What is the Approximate Cost? Artificial Turf costs are between $6 to $10 Per Square Foot. 500 SF would cost approx $3,750,00 Delivered & Installed 1,000 SF would Cost approx 6,995.00 , and 2,000 SF = $13,500.


Small Back, Side & Front Yards Playgrounds, Eateries, & More.

No More

Lawn-cutting, Mower maintenance , Trimming, Seeding, Aerating, Weed Control.